Choosing the Best Natural Hair Moisturizer 

    Finding the right moisturizer for your natural hair can be a struggle, but once you choose one, your hair will thank you for it. A good moisturizer will give your curls the boost it needs including enhancing your curl pattern and protecting your hair from harsh temperatures. Here are a few steps in picking the right moisturizer:

    ·         Water should be listed as one of the first five ingredients as “water molecules are the best sources of moisture for hair,” says 4c Hair Chick. Ingredients are listed from prominent to least prominent, so ensure that water is high on the list.

    ·         Climate is key in choosing the right moisturizer. It might be helpful to adjust your hair products based on the season. “For example, it is not advisable to use glycerin-based products during humid weather as they can make you look frizzy,” says Jimmy Massey Health Blog.

    ·         Test and have fun! What works best for someone else’s hair may not be the best option for you. Pay attention to products that work for your hair and stick with it.

    Learn more:

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