Cooler Temps and Conditions

    Across the country, summer-time temperatures will soon be cooling off as fall makes its way in. For some, it means getting out the long-sleeved shirts and jackets. For others though, it takes on another meaning. Those living with the following medical conditions may find it challenging to look forward to the change of seasons, as cooler temperatures can make symptoms worse.

    Arthritis – For those who suffer from arthritis, cold weather can be harsher on the joints. With arthritis, joints get inflamed – which causes pain, swelling and impaired movement. Some people with arthritis complain about increased pain as temperatures drop. According to the Arthritis Foundation, studies do show that weather factors such as barometric pressure and decreased temperatures, can increase pain. For some relief – Everyday Health states you should dress warmly, drink more water, add fish oil to your supplements and get enough vitamin D.

    Psoriasis –  This chronic skin condition can get worse during the colder months, because of drier weather. With psoriasis - which is caused by an overactive immune system - symptoms include flaking, inflammation, and varied colors of patchy skin. If plunging temperatures flare up your psoriasis, WebMD states you should keep your skin moisturized, choose a warm bath instead of a hot shower, wear soft layers of clothing and use a humidifier.

    Asthma – With asthma, the lining of the lung airways swells, making it harder to breathe. Changes in the temperature can trigger an asthma attack. According to Healthline, this is possible because cold air is dry and increases mucus. It’s suggested than asthma sufferers try to stay indoors as much as possible during frigid temperatures, drink a lot of fluids and clean your home often to remove indoor allergens.

    So, no need to cringe at the thought of approaching cold weather. Be proactive and do all you can to ensure wellness and comfort leading into winter.

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