Get Your Kids Active

    Nowadays kids would rather stay inside all day playing on their electronic devices. Well it is time to get them away from smart phones and tablets and get physically active. Just like adults, kids need exercise to build strong muscles, bones, and maintain a heathy weight. You might be thinking this sounds great, but how do I get my kids off the couch? Good question. Here are some tips to help boost motivation. 
    Focus on activities that will get your kids moving such as sports and outdoor activities.  

    • Talk with your kids about activities they might like to do, and pick ones that will most spark their interest.  

    • Schedule a time that will give your kids plenty of time to enjoy the activity and try to keep them active for about 60 minutes per day. 

    • Just have fun with the activity and try to get the whole family in on the fun. 

    • Some activities that are fun for the family could be hide-and-seek, basketball, football and/or baseball. Once the kids are out there having fun, be involved and encourage them. Sports are a terrific way for kids to develop their confidence and team building skills. Ultimately get your kids moving and keep the activities enjoyable to help them stay healthy.  

    Learn more: 
    WebMd - Kid Fitness: When Your Child Won't Exercise

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