Oils and Your Beauty Routine

    Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil has many skin benefits. It has been widely used in tropical countries that have a high production rate of the oil including Thailand and the Philippines. Let’s look at some ways the oil may work for you:

    ·         You may use as lotion for dry skin

    ·         Use as a method to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

    ·         If used consistently, it can get rid of cellulite 

    Olive Oil

    You probably have a bottle of olive oil in your kitchen, check out these additional everyday uses for the oil.  

    ·         Use as a substitute for shaving cream

    ·         Have dry hair? Use as a conditioner for 45 minutes before a shampoo

    ·         Ever had trouble removing mascara? Use olive oil as a way to remove eye make-up 

    Avocado Oil

    An avocado is very nutritious and high in healthy fats. The oil is extracted from the fruit itself as opposed to seed extraction like many other fruits. Along with cooking benefits, it also has health and beauty benefits:

    ·         Good for dehydrated and sun damaged skin

    ·         Use to reduce age spots, acne and blackheads

    ·         Apply it as a dressing for salad or any other recipe for some good internal skin nutrition

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