Vitamins that Promote Hair Growth 

    Are you struggling with hair loss? The condition can be caused by many contributing factors: age, family genetics, pregnancy, medical conditions, medications, stress, lack of sleep, and the list goes on. For some people though, follicle frustrations may be due to a vitamin deficiency. Here are some essential vitamins that have been shown to promote hair growth: 

    Vitamin A: Works as an antioxidant/retinol which helps our body fight off free radicals while promoting healthier hair growth. Vitamin A is found mostly in meats, fruits, and vegetables.   

    Vitamin C: Promotes hair growth by producing more collagen in our systems; this gives the hair strength.   

    Vitamin B6: Promotes hair growth by balancing hormones and keeping the oxygenated blood moving to the head and hair.    

    Vitamin D: Promotes new hair growth by balancing hormones, regulating calcium in the systems, and keeping the body healthy to fight diseases. 

    Vitamin E: Works as an antioxidant which fights free radicals. It decreases inflammation while allowing more oxygen into the body, and it promotes the repair and growth of new tissue and hair. 

    Biotin: Also, known as vitamin B7. It helps to promote stronger and healthier skin, hair, and nails. This vitamin helps the body’s metabolic, nerve, adrenal, and many other systems to function better. Zinc, iron, and protein may also help. They’ve been shown to promote hair growth and are found in many of our common meats, fruits, and vegetables.    

    Apart from incorporating the vitamins above, try to keep a healthy balanced diet in general. If you feel your hair loss is not due to vitamin deficiency, contact your doctor for medical advice.    

    For more resources on essential vitamins for hair growth see the links below. 
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