Working out During the Holidays

    It is hard enough to get to the gym during a normal work week. Over the holidays, it may become even more difficult. You could be dealing with irregular gym hours, out of town trips, family visits, plus the usual craziness and business that the holidays bring. Here are some things you can do to help you stay on track.

    Check Gym SchedulesMany health clubs offer very convenient hours, with some opening 24 hours a day. During the holidays however, hours may change or your facility may be closed on certain days. Know the schedule in advance. This way, you won’t be caught off guard or decide to skip a workout during a holiday week.

    Find Alternate WaysMany people travel out of town to spend the holidays with family. If you belong to a certain health club, a location may not be available where your relative lives or you may not have access, depending on your membership type. You can still however do some moves without equipment and get your heart rate going (squats, lunges, sit ups, pushups, burpees, etc.). How about taking a jog around the neighborhood, or even a power walk? Try doing it earlier in the morning so the rest of your day is free to spend with family.

    Group ActivitiesWhether you’re out of town or have family visiting, you can find ways to include others in group activities. This way, you’re still getting some exercise without sacrificing quality time with relatives. Perhaps arrange a flag football game, relay races, or a basketball tournament. The competition will create a fun atmosphere and before you know it, you’ll get your cardio in.

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