Black Family Wellness Articles

    Benefits of Deep Conditioning Natural Hair

    It may be helpful to deep condition every time you wash your hair, as it serves as a preventative measure against breakage.

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    Choosing the Best Natural Hair Moisturizer

    A good moisturizer will give your curls the boost it needs including enhancing your curl pattern and protecting your hair from harsh temperatures.

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    Environmental Health and Eastside Jacksonville

    The Eastside Environmental Council (EEC), a nonprofit, was established by Eastside residents who were concerned about the community.

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    Dealing with Winter Eczema

    Identifying your eczema triggers is crucial in preventing flare ups. Here are a few tips to help your skin through winter symptoms.

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    New Study Finds Black Women Less Likely to Benefit from Early Chemotherapy

    Minority women are given early chemotherapy more frequently, because they usually develop advanced-stage breast cancer more often than white women.

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    Maintaining Your Natural Hair During the Cooler Months

    Check out a few tips to keep your mane moisturized and healthy during the fall.

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    Packing Your Lunch

    It’s simple, if you pack your own lunches at home, you’re more likely to eat healthier meals.

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    Reading Labels

    Before you put a food item in your cart, make sure you read the nutrition label and list of ingredients.

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    Taking Charge of Your Health

    The goal is to keep yourself safe, have fun and know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time, on your way to a fitter lifestyle.

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