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    Preventive care plays a huge role in your overall health. This includes immunizations, lab tests, physicals and prescriptions. It means routinely seeing your doctor, even when feeling healthy. Early diagnosis is key when it comes to treating and preventing serious diseases and conditions. 

    It is also important to discuss past medical history with a physician concerning preventive healthcare. It can be beneficial in making a correct and careful diagnosis. In addition, discussing family medical history is key, as it is a huge risk factor in developing issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    Guidelines can help, but keep in mind, they do not replace seeing your doctor and having a personal routine established. Routine screenings can include tests for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Preventive health recommendations vary depending on your age and gender. Make sure you are familiar with what screenings you may need.

    The World Research Foundation lists several things you can do on your own to start improving your health.

    • Don't smoke or use other tobacco products; Drink alcohol only in moderation 
    • Eat a proper, balanced diet to get the correct amount of nutrients and calories daily 
    • Exercise at least three days per week; Aerobic exercise will build muscle and endurance

    Health Disparity

    A health disparity is defined as a higher burden of illness, injury, disability or mortality experienced by one population group compared to another. While some progress has been made over the years, research has shown that differences do still exist in health care quality among racial and ethnic minority groups in the U.S.  Find out what’s being done to bridge the gap.

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    Generally, men make more unhealthy decisions and put off preventive care more often compared to women. Statistics from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality show that men are 24% less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year. There are a number of health screenings men should pay attention to. 

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    Women have different health issues compared to men, which include pregnancy, menopause and conditions with the female organs. Certain health issues, such as heart attacks, also affect women differently. Get complete guidelines for women.

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    Children grow and change quickly, so preventive care is important to check their development on a routine basis. This way, conditions and diseases can be diagnosed early or prevented. This includes checkups, immunizations, as well as dental and vision screenings. Learn about recommendations based on age. 

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    Health Tips

    Get enough sleep. When you don’t rest well, you compensate by eating more. Usually it’s junk food. Get enough rest and you don’t need to snack to stay awake.,
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