Foot Care for Women

We depend heavily on our feet to keep us moving throughout the day, so it’s essential they get the proper care they deserve. Whether it’s cramming into uncomfortable shoes or wearing shoes that are too worn out, we often take our feet for granted. There are steps to take to ensure our feet are receiving the TLC they need.

First, create a routine for removing excess dead skin on your heels, this is especially true for women if you want to keep your feet looking fabulous in those cute, open back shoes. Try soaking your feet in warm water with liquid soap for up to 20 minutes to soften the skin and keep them smooth.  Be sure to dry them completely so athlete’s foot or fungus does not occur.

Keep your feet moisturized, especially during colder periods of the year, no fancy scents or lotions are necessary.

Don’t wear the same shoes everyday if possible. Try changing up the shoes you wear as it needs time to “breathe” and air out in order to avoid infections.

Flip flops and flat shoes should be worn sparingly as they do not usually provide proper arch support. Women are more prone to developing flat feet and other foot complications.

If you stand for long periods of time, be sure to use a shoe insole which makes you shoes more comfortable. Also, wear sunscreen when wearing sandals or going barefoot.

You only have one pair of feet so take good care of them!
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