Safety Tips for Going Back to School

Child safety should be a priority for parents at the beginning of and throughout the school year. It is important for both parents and children to have an understanding of school safety and know the rules and procedures of the school. Children need to be aware that unforeseen circumstances or dangers can occur either on their way to or from school.

Remember there is safety in numbers. Always have your child walk, bike, or wait for the bus with other kids or with another parent chaperone. Help your child understand basic traffic safety – such as looking both ways before crossing the street and walking only on the sidewalk or side of the road. Always have your child wear clothing that is lighter in color, so drivers can see them in the early morning hours. Also, make sure your child’s bike has a good number of reflectors.

Help your child understand the importance of being aware of their surroundings and how to avoid dangerous situations. Knowing how to avoid a predator is vitally important to child safety. Teach your child to never talk to strangers. If a stranger tries to give them a ride, tell your child to run away from the car and shout out for help! Also, find out if your child’s school or local police department offer classes in safety training. These are a great resource and are usually free to county citizens.

Possibly consider getting your child an emergency phone, two-way radios, or walkie-talkies. This way, they can check in with you on their way to and from school. If your child gets home before you, teach them to keep all doors and windows locked and to make sure not to leave their key in the door. Have them call you when they arrive home from school. Also think about adding an alarm system with a camera option to your home. This way you can keep an eye on things at the house using your phone or work computer.


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