Working Out in the Winter

The frigid winter months can make it more difficult to get a workout in. Jogs or bike rides around the block just aren’t happening if the temperature is freezing or below. So if you depend on outdoor activity to get your heartrate going, what can you do?

Invest in Equipment – You may want to purchase a treadmill or other cardio machine to use in your house. Do your research to figure out which one is right for you. You may not need the most expensive, top of the line model. Maybe you’re fine with a pre-owned machine at a better price? If you know you’ll use it, it will be well worth the purchase, especially during the winter.

Join a Gym – Perhaps the gym isn’t really your thing, but it’s the best option for you during the winter. Shop around and see which facilities are offering good deals. Also, pay attention to amenities and what is really required for your workout. For some, a pool and sauna may not be worth the extra bucks. After you decide how much a month you want to pay, make sure you look at whether there is a contract and the length of it.

DVDs’ or Streaming Videos – Consider buying workout DVDs or streaming routines, if you’d rather just break a sweat at home, and don’t want to break the bank getting pricey equipment. There are a wide range of options, from Zumba to Yoga. You can determine the intensity. Also, if you’re focused on a specific area, some DVDs do offer a more targeted approach. Keep in mind, routines may require equipment, such as free weights or balance balls.

Regardless of how you choose to grab your cardio, the important thing is that you do. Don’t let Mother Nature slow you down!

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