Black Family Wellness Articles

Finding Your Fitness Class

Find the perfect group fitness class to get you excited about your workout!

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Anxiety and the Endocannabinoid System

Made By Hemp is a small, Michigan-based team and trusted source of all things hemp

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Exercising for You and Baby

The benefits of exercise during pregnancy begin instantly and ultimately provide a healthy life for you and your baby.

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The Six Things You MUST Have for Your Home Workout!

Helpful info from our guest blogger, Sharita Jennings, on the best at-home workout items.

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Can’t Commit To a Diet? These small diet hacks can bring BIG results!

Helpful info from our guest blogger, Sharita Jennings, on a few dieting hacks.

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Health issues for blacks, Latinos and Native Americans may cause coronavirus to ravage communities

Dr. Melissa Clarke, former assistant dean in the Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., said the nation’s history of health disparities and the stressors faced by people of color, including racism and poverty, are factors in those communities disproportionately having the “very diseases that COVID-19 presents a problem for.”

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Get Your Kids Active

You might be thinking this sounds great, but how do I get my kids off the couch? Good question. Here are some tips to help boost motivation.

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